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Judul:(S.P.) Paul McCartney - Live Blockbuster Pavillion 1993 (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA HD 1080p)
Diterbitkan:11 September 2012
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I still don't like the title limits ._. Sorry for the lack of videos lately I've been really busy with school! Let me guys know if you want a full version of this!

This is just a video that I edited of Paul singing some Beatles songs of the last show of the American leg of his world tour in 1993. Obviously this is not all the Beatles songs he did. This is not complete as I had to comply with YouTube's time limit because of my copyright strike, that's why this is called a sneak peak as I am showing you part of my upcoming video(s). Paul's voice is in very good shape like the rest of the shows of this tour.

Drive My Car 0:15
All My Loving 2:41
Can't Buy Me Love 5:03
We Can Work It Out 7:28
Michelle 10:10
Yesterday 13:10


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